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A 100% Free Portfolio Service -Mediatok

Try our Mediatok Collection, Contest and Portfolio Service for absolutely no cost or fees.


User can open forums by opening various collections and categorize works they like into collections. The user has the freedom to move and select favorited work to their collection(s).

  • You may use a mobile phone or slr camera to upload content
  • Uploaded media files can be up to 50 MB
  • User responses are reflected in the voting results. Simplified online voting is supported.
  • The entered work and prize winner will be presented in an online high resolution slideshow


Contests can freely. be made by exhibit creators, designers needing visual material, book editors or anyone who wishes to. Entering, voting and online exhibits are free services for proceeding in contests.

  • When sharing only with friends, users may use a private forum
  • Collection provides categories. Users can easily use the drag and drop function to distribute work.
  • You may invite friends or upload collection to SNS


You are provided a portfolio page upon obtaining mediatok membership, There is an about section for the author and the project he/she will publish. User may categorize media by projects, categories or collections

  • There is no limit to media uploads
  • Uploaded media files can be up to 50 MB
  • All services can be accessed without a fee.
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